Bosques Naturales S.A. offers a new alternative for diversifying your investments, in a way that is not sole paying and sustainable, but ethical, too: hardwood.

The investment is straight-backed by a solid organization and offers two sources of benefits: investors plus from inherent woody plant opening out and from the revaluation of hardwood (quoted on worldwide markets).

If you settle on this like of investment, you can protract your trees done to the end of their inbred life, or supply them on the secondary activity (buyers of developed trees). You besides have the likelihood of investing finished contracts that warrantee a redemption fee at the end of a exceptional term.

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Features of the Investment Features of the Purchase of Forestry Assets of Bosques Naturales, S.A.:

1. Guarantees

a) The holdings belong to Bosques Naturales S.A. The holdings at present floor an spread of in a circle 100,000 hectares.

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b) Bosques Naturales S.A. has a preponderant excitement in maintaining the trees and commerce them at the ultimate sufficient price, because our chief net income comes from the 20% income commission implicated.

c) Bosques Naturales is a origination bough of ASEBIO (the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Enterprises, which includes companies specified as Zeltia and Glaxo SmithKline) and has the piling of the CDTI, an administrative unit of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and ENISA, an administrative unit of the Ministry of Economy.

d) Timber, as the raw material, is listed in on worldwide markets.

2. Returns

Returns be on two factors:

a) Tree growth, which is ballpark at 10.34% per period of time ended 20 years. Innovative methodologies are utilized to obtain trees of remarkable magnitude and ability next to a exalted financial value, in so doing article the advance round and obtaining timber of high business good point in circa 20 years. This involves increased production in a shorter case and with more feature than in across-the-board or excited stipulations.

Our epistemology is the corollary of an uttermost R&D and Innovation program, unneurotic with knowledge domain assistance agreements next to purported organizations plus the Polytechnic University of Madrid's (EUITA, University School of Agricultural Technical Engineering), the Community of Madrid's (INIA, Agri-Food Institute) and GENOMA ESPAÑA (an bureau of the Ministries of Health, and Science and Technology).

b) The go up in the cost of firewood. The amount of timber in 20 geezerhood from now is an undiscovered factor, but if hardwood prices stalk the tendency of new decades, its good point will have risen appreciably. Continuous greater than ever demand, as fine as a increasing shortfall of trousers for 'prime' qualities as essential by the process industry, routine it is potential the up trend will persist ended the next few time of life.

3. Safety.

With good opinion to safety, Bosques Naturales has taken all types of healthful measures and transistorised its holdings next to infrastructures such as as windbreaks, fencing, hose down and conflagration hydrants, trucks, etc. It has also taken out a 'growing wood' insurance principle to laminate the plantations resistant disasters.

4. When You Get the Returns

The company is designed to get top lucre after the merchandising of the timber, sometime the production cycle has completed. You are single to due your income at any juncture in the past edged by ramp to the alternative market (clients who need to buy trees of a particular age). It is critical to show up that we propose maintaining an investing in biology assets for at least possible 3 age. The new Plan 10 contracts deal in a warrant on returns and the fixed contemporary world when they can be post-free.

5. Tax Treatment.

Because timber is a indisputable property, the divergence linking the profits obtained from the dutch auction and the acquisition asking price is compensated at a charge per unit of 15%. The getting cost is updated in strip next to the improvement constant that the Ministry of Economy publishes on real chattels.

Who Are Bosques Naturales, S.A? Bosques Naturales, S.A. is a Spanish cast (founded in 1996) that is the leading light in hardwood productivity through the use of FSC-certified sustainable plantations situated in Spain, to which the state-of-the-art biotechnology is applied. The friendship is now offer the prospect to move in the giant returns of its pursuit via a Sustainable Investment in its biology funds. The firm aim of Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the designed manufacture of hardwood and/or tropic thicket of extreme scheme value earmarked to the worldwide processing industry. The innovative epistemology consists of making and nonindustrial Sustainable Agro-Forestry Plantations on fertilizable cultivation overland and positioning and cultivating plant material voted for its dimensions and enthusiastic organic process and aimed at building material crop.

The action of trees established next to biotechnological techniques and the entry of neo agronomical methods figure the fecundity and part of the lumber obtained from the plantations.

Bosques Naturales S.A.'s enterprise involves deed irrigated agricultural holdings and transforming it into agro-forestry plantations. The lumber cultivated is particularly select by our R&D and Innovation department, and presently consists of excellent varieties of walnut, cherry, edible fruit and ash trees.

Individual investors are consequently sold relation of the trees, known by their geospatial lines in the plantations, and we yield aid of their agriculture and conservation. When the contract for the provision of these services ends, the trees are sold and cut and the landed estate is replanted. The lumber obtained is sold at the unexcelled fee on the transnational souk.

The grades obtained, negative 20% in the come together of a regulation and merchandising commission, are dispatched to the property owner of the trees in swap for a obstructed asking price the client paying Bosques Naturales S.A, at the initial case of ligneous plant purchase.

The underlying gross sales licence for the trees is named an agro-forestry arrangement. There are 3 types of agro-forestry contracts, as fit as our Plan 10 contracts, which give a guaranteed redemption plus point for a permanent length. When you buy a woody plant from one of our plantations, you are fashioning an honest land of elevated financial instrument beside the guarantee offered by an irreplaceable raw things specified as lumber.

The Bosques Naturales, S.A. allowance skeleton includes the stalking organization investors:

- CRM (Capital Riesgo de la Comunidad de Madrid) S.A., next to a 7.65% interest. This association includes shareholders specified as Caja Madrid (35%), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (22.5%) and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (15%).

- EUROBOSQUES, a group that specializes in biotechnological investigating into flora plants, beside a 12% share.

Other institutions that sustain the commotion of Bosques Naturales, S.A. are:

- ENISA S.A. (the National Innovation Enterprise), which has had a proportion debt with Bosques Naturales, S.A. since 1997.

- The CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development.

Sustainable Investment Investments supported on TREES are economically profitable, but we should underline different succession of benefits that their enculturation for TIMBER industry brings to the environment and social group in general.


1.- Direct Benefits (i.e., intrinsical to production stir): - Formation of woods land, - Absorption of atmospheric element dioxide (CO2), - Release of gas (O2) into the atmosphere, - Condensation of hose down (H2O) backed by the establishment of forests, by this means creating the stipulations needful for rainfall.

2.- Indirect Benefits The environmental condition of areas of superior ecological efficacy is starring to a scarcity in firewood. Agro-forestry holdings exclude the personal effects of deforestation, frankincense conserving the lives of many another trees and their related collection and fauna. For all ligneous plant cultivated for timber, it is expected that 16 trees are scorched in equatorial forests for lumber action.

3.- Social and Cultural Benefits - Creation of jobs related to the leisure. - Promotion of the redeployment of wealthiness. - Enrichment of the comeliness of the disguise. - Tourist arousing.

The environmental, common and taste benefits mentioned preceding are familiarly linked to the living organism, i.e., the TREE, which medium that investment in products based on a rational employment of trees could accurately be represented as ETHICAL.

To date, Bosques Naturales has established and sold more than than 200,000 trees from the 1,100 hectares of its irrigated agricultural holdings. Under underway employee turnover conditions, 100 new hectares are ingrained both year. As turnover grows, the cipher of hectares per twelvemonth is set to rise, so that finished the subsequent 10 old age we think likely to plant much than 4,000 hectares in Spain alone, i.e., the different of 1.2 million hardwood trees. Following this development and as we construct more headway, the natural benefits can lonesome spring.

Bosques Naturales believes the plantations will put aside masses trees in unconscious areas. For each square measure cultivated, 16 hectares of forest will be salvageable from environmental condition.

In conclusion, this is a goods offer world-shaking business enterprise returns, a valid property that can be marketed at any time, and, as an asset involving an philosophy activity, it is stretch out to someone to share in actively.

FSC Certification Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the premiere Spanish ensemble to be awarded the FSC wood written document for flora plantations in Spain.

High Yield Investments

When you buy a trade goods ready-made from FSC-certified timber, you have the shadowing guarantees:

1.- The firewood comes from a plantation that is economically viable, both today and in the early. 2.- The plantation and series of captivity fully come upon all social, toil and quality rights requirements. 3.- The landed estate and concatenation of maintenance tribute the environment, protecting and benefiting it.

The Cáceres and Girona holdings are presently FSC certified, spell the separate holdings are in the system of authorisation.

The credentials for this enfranchisement was presented to us at the Ministry for the Environment on 7 May 2003 at an case presided by the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Congress, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, and next to the engagement of the Environment Secretary, Mr. del Álamo.

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